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Dear Internet Users,
The Taichung City Coastal Resources And Fisheries Development Center (“we/us/our”) take your personal information seriously. We in the following statement will explain to you the purposes, categories, and the scope and method of use of the collection of personal data by us. The purpose of this privacy policy and the disclosures below is to help you understand the personal data protection policy adopted by us.

■Scope of Application

Your personal information is protected by the ECOSYSTEM OF GAOMEI WETLAND PRESERVATION AREA Website (“we/us/our”) privacy protection policies. However, the privacy protection policies are not applicable to the external websites that are linked from our website.

■Collection of Personal Information

Net users’ personal information is collected through the following channels:

Online activity and Web questionnaire:

When you participate in our online activities or surveys, you may be required to provide personal information such as your name, ID card number, telephone number, e-mail address, and residential address. You may also participate in lottery activities, contests, or sales campaigns sponsored by other websites or institutions through the hyperlinks on our website. Concerning the protection of your personal information, these institutions or websites have their own privacy protection policies. The privacy protection policies of the ECOSYSTEM OF GAOMEI WETLAND PRESERVATION AREA Website cannot and will not apply in these conditions. In addition, the website will not take any related legal responsibility in the unlikely event of any unforeseen consequences or losses incurred.


Our website will retain the log created by the server automatically, including IP address, log-in time, browsers used, and the information clicked, when the net users are browsing or checking for information. This record serves as an internal reference for our website services and will never be published.


If you contact us by writing letters or reflecting your ideas through another medium, we will retain the correspondence and handling records.

The use of personal cookies and policies

In order to provide personalized service, we will use cookies technology to save and trace the data left by users in a particular period. Cookies are little pieces of information sent from our official website to your browser and stored in the users’ computer. You may choose to modify your browser's settings regarding the acceptance of cookies, including accepting all cookies, getting notifications when installing cookies, rejecting all cookies, and so on. If you choose to refuse all Cookies, you may not enjoy personalized service or be able to participate in some of the activities.
In general, our website will read and write cookies in the users’ browsers in accordance with the following purposes and situations:

For better and more personalized service:

For your convenience or personalized interaction. cookies will be generated when you register or log on to our official website. They will be updated when you log off.

In order to calculate the number of browsers or analyze the browsing patterns:

For understanding the conditions of the WebPages being browsed for reference to improve our service.

Website Functionality:

Some website features will install cookies to track user behavior to ensure that the website’s functionalities are not manipulated.

■Data Protection

Our website endeavors to establish comprehensive security measures, and only authorized personnel may access your personal data. The network environment where this website is hosted also has hardware and software information security measures and devices such as firewalls. Any abnormal behavior to attempt to destroy or invade the server host will be blocked in accordance with security regulations. The host of this website performs vulnerability scanning and system bug fixes as needed.

■Policy for Sharing Personal Data With Third Parties

Our website has the duty to protect the privacy and personal information of its users. The personal information and files of these users must not be modified, deleted, or disclosed, in whole or in part, without their consent, with the exception of prior consent in the following circumstances:

  • Access within a legal process of a judicial investigation unit of the Republic of China (Taiwan).
  • Out of necessity due to breach of the website’s regulations.
  • For the purpose of expanding the service and efficacy of this government website.
  • Protection of the legitimate user rights and interests of other netizens.

■Amendment of the Protection Policy concerning Privacy and Information Security

This policy of our website is subject to occasiona amendment to fit in with the latest privacy protection regulations. In case of any large-scale amendment of the regulations in respect to the use of personal information, a notice will be posted on the webpage to inform you of the relevant matters.