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Ecological Exploration

According to a long-term observation by the Taichung City nature conservation association, 155 species of birds from 18 orders and 50 families have been recorded in Gaomei Wetlands. This includes the endangered black-faced spoonbill and other rare species like the Chinese egret, the fish eagle, the short-eared owl, and the Chinese black-headed gull. Depending on the type of migration, birds can be categorized into resident, winter resident, summer resident, passage, vagrant, naturalized, and status unknown birds. Judging from numbers of individuals, Scolopacidae(Sandpiper), Charadriidae(Plovers), and Ardeidae(Heron) have the highest abundance. Those who want to see a big flock of birds can choose to go to Gaomei Wetlands in the spring and fall. These two seasons are when birds migrate and are the best times to watch birds.