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Tales of Gaomei

The Gaomei Lighthouse and the Taichung Municipal Qing Shui Preschool - Gaoxi Campus

The Gaomei Lighthouse was built in 1967 to compensate for the lack of light between the Baishajia Lighthouse in Taoyuan and the Mudouyu Lighthouse in Penghu as ships sailed around the west coast. After 15 years of operation its lantern was removed and placed at the Taichung Port Lighthouse due to the Gaomei Lighthouse’s close proximity to both the Taichung Port Lighthouse and the Fangyuan Lighthouse in Changhua County. In the early days of operation, the red and white striped Gaomei Lighthouse was an important landmark of the four major coastal towns along the foot of the Dadu Mountain, including Dajia, Wuqi, Shalu, and Qingshui. Nowadays, this lighthouse, along with the western-style castle building of the nearby Gaoxi Kindergarten, are the apparent landmarks of the Gaomei Wetlands.

The Gaomei Lighthouse and the Taichung Municipal Qing Shui Preschool

Levees in Gaomei

The levees surrounding the Gaomei Wetlands, from north to south, are the Fanziliao Levee, Gaomei I Levee, and Gaomei II Levee.

Levees in Gaomei

The Gaomei Wetlands Visitor Center and Landscape Bridge

The Gaomei Wetlands Visitor Center is a two-story composite reinforced concrete and steel building that is located on the south side of the Gaomei Wetlands. The Double-curved Landscape Bridge was constructed in 2016 and is located on the south side of the Gaomei Wetlands, near the Qingshui Drainage outlet.

Gaomei Wetlands Visitor CenterGaomei Wetlands Landscape Bridge

The wooden walkway

Built in 2014, the wooden walkway is 691 m long. It starts from the interpretation platform and stretches across the core, buffering, and substantial areas of the Gaomei Wetland Preservation Area. The walkway was built to decrease the disturbance of the flora and fauna by preventing tourists from stepping directly onto the beach.

The Wooden Walkway

The U.S. Army oil pipeline

During the Vietnam War, U.S. Army tankers berthed on offshore Gaomei. Oil was transported to the compressor station in Gaobei Village through the pipeline. The oil was then transported eastward to Kezhuang in Dingnan Village and further up the hill to be stored at the Dayang oil depot in Yangcuo Village.

The compressor station in Gaobei Village

Wind turbine sets

Eighteen sets of wind turbines were constructed at the southern end of Gaomei Wetlands beside Huangang N. Rd. forming a “wind turbine boulevard”. Each turbine is approximately 64 m tall and weighs 5.7 tons. They started operating in 2007 and can generate up to 36,000 kw.

Wind Turbine Sets

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